Track Your Progress

As a coach, I ask all of my clients to weigh themselves and take pictures of their bodies before starting training, and then to repeat this process every month.

It is impossible to know if you have progressed without evaluating your photos and your weight before and after. Be aware that your weight can remain the same over time because you will gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

Stick through this program for at least 30 days and I promise you will get great results.

If you are not satisfied by the end of the program and you want a refund, I will first ask to see your photos and your weight before and after you started the program. This is another important reason to take your photos and track your progress.

How to Take and Submit Your Photos

The fastest way to take your photos is with your smartphone in front of a mirror. Take a full front shot. Once the photo has been taken, complete this form and click submit in order to send me your info. You will also receive a copy in your email. That way we'll both be tracking your progress.

Fill out my online form.


  • To be eligible for a refund, you must take and submit "before and after" photos. You must send the form with your photo "before", complete the workout program for at least 30 days and re-send the form with your "after" photo.
  • The data entered and the photo will remain confidential, unless you give me written permission to share them. Without your written permission, I will never share your information.