Exercise title

  1. Set up a decline bench to between 15 and 30 degrees. (The angle is not important, your comfort and form is.)
  2. Place the EZ bar on the rack at the foot of the bench.
  3. Sit on the bench and position your feet under the foot pads.
  4. Lean forward and grip the EZ bar with an overhand grip, shoulder width apart.
  5. Lift the bar from the rack. (Because of your position when doing this, I recommend getting a spotter to assist you)
  6. Lat flat on the bench holding the bar above your chest with your arms extended and elbows locked.
  7. Lower the EZ bar towards you by bending your arms toward you in a smooth arc. Your upper arms should not move.
  8. Continue lowering the bar until it is just above or gently touching your forehead. You should feel a stretch in your triceps.
  9. Hold and squeeze you triceps for a count of one.
  10. Return to the staring position by extending your arms in a smooth arc. (Again, your upper arms should not move)
  11. Repeat.

Note: this exercise can be performed using a single dumbbell or a barbell.